Summary of the locations of Camp Twelve (Tungting Lake)


  • Camp Twelve was planned in July, 1945, to be near Changteh (now Changde) [lat. 29-02, long. 111-32], Hunan (still Hunan) Province

Camp Twelve (also known as the Tungting Lake Unit) was approved in July 1945 to be placed in the vicinity of Changteh (now Changde), Hunan (still Hunan) Province.

Five officers and eight enlisted men left Camp Two and traveled 250 miles to the northeast to form Unit Twelve.  They carried with them arms, ammunition, radios, aerological gear, and medical equipment for the new camp.  The purpose of Camp Twelve was to teach amphibious warfare and guerilla tactics.

Forty-eight Chinese previously had been trained in these specialties by Camp Two; they were transferred to Unit Twelve.

Unit Twelve was to operate in Anhwei and Hunan Provinces against Japanese traffic along the Yangtze River, the Hsiang (now Xiang) River which flows through Changsha, the Tungting (now Dongting) Lakes, and the Poyang Lakes.

In September, 1945, Unit Twelve began clearing Japanese personnel and mines from Ichang (now Yichang) in western Hupeh (now Hubei) Province, downstream to Shanghai and the sea.

Provided courtesy of Charles H. Miles on November 20, 2010


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