Unit Robby by Charles S. Robinson


The experience of an American in China in World War II

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“Days of Infamy” by John Costello
Based on declassified American and
British top-secret documents, the author reveals how major strategic and diplomatic miscalculations by Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston S. Churchill together with the military blunders committed by General MacArthur set the stage for Japan’s successful attacks on Pearl Harbor and Clark Field. For the first time, he documents how it was the
devastating loss of air power in the Philippines – and not the battleships lost at Pearl – which permitted Japan’s lightning conquest of the Far East in 1942.Published in 1994
Price: Around $20.00 – New

By Water Beneath The Walls by Benjamin Milligan

A gripping history chronicling the fits and starts of American special operations and the ultimate rise of the Navy SEALs from unarmed frogmen to elite, go-anywhere commandos – as told by one of their own.

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SAMPAN SAILOR: A Navy Man’s Adventures in WWII China by Clayton Mishler

Recounts the author’s experiences with a secret intelligence and guerrilla-training unit. Published in 1994

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The House of Memory: Reflections on Youth and War by John Freely

John Freely’s voice is still astonishingly youthful, full of wonder, humor, and gratitude, as he remembers his fully lived life. Born in Brooklyn to Irish immigrants, he went to Ireland with his mother when he was five, where he spent his young childhood on his grandfather’s farm. Western Ireland was impoverished by the times, but rich in beauty and intriguing people, and it opened in him a lifelong desire to see the world and its inhabitants. When he was seven, he returned to Brooklyn, and the antics of a coming-of-age boy played out on streets filled with character and characters. He took whatever jobs he could when times got tough, always shaking off his losses and moving on, hungry to see and experience what was next. He joined the U.S. Navy at seventeen to “see the world,” and did just that. In wartime, while bringing supplies and ammunition over the Stilwell-Burma Road to Chiang Kai-shek’s Chinese guerrilla forces, Freely served alongside them during the last weeks of World War II in the Tibetan borderlands of China, a Shangri-la that war had turned into hell on earth.

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Ninety-Day Wonder: Flight To Guerrilla War by John Horton

In his four years of navy service during WWII, Ensign John Horton’s military career ranged from communications in Manila to commander of a guerrilla training camp for Chinese soldiers. He also engaged with the Chinese in acts of sabotage, blowing up railroads and bridges in Japanese-occupied areas.Horton experienced a fascinating yet little-known aect of the war. With eyewitness accounts from both chinese and U.S. soldiers , he provides a rare and riveting glimpse of a china filled with bravery and foreboding, a country fighting a vicious enemy while teetering on the brink of civil war. Published in 2000

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“The OSS in China” by Maochun Yu
Tells the dramatic story of the
intelligence activities of the Office Of Strategic Services
(OSS) in China during World War II.  Gives insight into
the barriers faced by Admiral Miles.
Published in 1997

Price:  Around $65.00 – New




“”And I was there”:  Pearl
Harbor And Midway – Breaking Secrets” by Rear Adm. Edwin
T. Layton, Roger Pineau, John Costello
Dedicated to RI Guys and gives the
story of the intelligence community including
proof that FDR had no prior knowledge of the attack on
Pearl Harbor.
Published in 1985

Price:  Around $10.00 – New




“SACO – The Rice Paddy Navy” by Roy
Olin Stratton
How two men, Lieutenant General Tai
Li, Chief of Nationalist China’s Secret Service, and
RADM (then Captain) Milton E. Miles, USN, Chief of the
US Strategic Services in the Far East, met at Chungking
one day in early 1942 and formulated plans for
prosecuting the Navy’s part of the war in China and its
waters; how they selected a group of technicians and
fighting men to carry out America’s objectives; the
patience, tolerance and understanding employed by them
in welding Chinese guerrilla forces into an organization
whose activities extended from the borders of the Gobi
Desert to French Indochina and from the Himalayan
Mountains in Western Yunaan to China’s Pacific seaboard,
in front of and behind enemy lines.
Published in 1950, Reprinted in 2004
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Nimitz Museum Bookstore
“A Different Kind of War:
The little-known story of the combined guerrilla forces
created in China by the U.S. Navy and the Chinese during
World War II” by Milton E. Miles
Admiral Miles account of the
activities of SACO in WWII.

Published in 1967

Price:  Only available second-hand



“The Army Navy Game” by Roy
Tells the dramatic story of the
intelligence activities of the Office Of Strategic
Services (OSS) in China during World War II.  Gives
insight into the barriers faced by Admiral Miles.
Published in 1977
Price:  Only available second-hand

“From Troy to Entebbe:
Special Operations in Ancient and Modern Times” by
John Arquilla
Gives history of special operations
warfare, used today as text in Navy Graduate School at
Monterey, CA.  Gives great kudos to SACO.
Published in 1996

Price:  Around $44.00 – New



The Rice Paddy Navy: U.S. Sailors Undercover in China by Linda Kush
After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the U.S. Navy knew it would need vital information from the Pacific. Captain Milton ‘Mary’ Miles journeyed to China to set up weather stations and monitor the Chinese coastline – and to spy on the Japanese. After a meeting with Chiang Kai-shek’s spymaster, General Dia Li, the Sino-American Cooperative Organization was born.

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“Day of Deceit:  The Truth
About FDR and Pearl Harbor” by Robert B. Stinnett
Brings to light devastating evidence that
FDR knew of the Japanese plans to attack Pearl Harbor. Gives
credit to R.I.
Published in 2001

Price:  Around $16.00 Paperback