2009 SACO Reunion

2009 Midland, Texas

October 7-10

Hosted by Robert Grace, Sr and Bobbie Grace, Jr

Thursday started out with a tour of the Permian Basin with lunch to follow at KD’s Bar-BQ.  The day wrapped up with a visit to The Permian Basin Petroleum Museum.

Friday morning was a visit to . The Annual Business Meeting was held in the afternoon followed by a dinner at a Chinese Restaurant.

Saturday was a trip to the Airsho for the day and the banquet.

Barbieri, Peter & Judith
Bartee, Bill & Skeeter
Brown, Ken & Lillie
Coats, Jerry
Coats, Penny
Coyle, Jack & Cean
Dalrymple, Vernard
Dormer, Robert
Goguey, Mel & Helen
Grace, Jr, Bobbie
Grace, Sr, Bob & Betty Lou
Herberg, Doug
Herberg, Michael
Herberg, Vern
Hill, Bob & Lola
Hill, Jordan
Hill, Rick
Hunnicutt, James & Margaret
Huntley, Lilma
Inman-Arnold, Carolyn
Kelly, James
Levendowski, JC
Maurice, Jonathan
Maurice, Richard & Judith
McHugh, Elva
Miles, Charles
Miller, Bill
Miller, Daniel
Moore, Roger
Parks, Jack
Petersen, Jack
Petersen, Jeff
Petersen, Jodi
Petersen, Kathryn
Purvis, Guy
Reynnet, Dairus
Reynnet, Francis & Caroline
Reynnet, Kenneth
Rowe, Barb
Rowland, Evelyn
Rutan, Richard
Tanner, Mary
Terpstra, Rich
Terpstra, Richard
Tetlow, Marty
Thomas, Robert
Waters, John
Whitlock, FJ


Banquet Guests Only


Grace, Davie
Grace, John
Thomas, Paula
Thomas, Rachel