2007 Des Moines, Iowa

2007 Des Moines, Iowa

July 6-10

Hosted by Bob & Lola Hill

This was the second visit to Des Moines, IA with our hosts, Bob & Lola Hill.

The Thursday tour took us for a tour of the City of Des Moines which included the Capital Grounds with emphasis on the WWII Memorial.  Lunch was served at the Hometown Kitchen Classics.  After lunch, the tour continued to the Boone and Valley Scenic Railroad to ride the “Frazier Excursion”.  On the way back to the hotel, we pasted the former home of First Lady Mamie Eisenhower in Boone, IA.

On Friday, we took the Storybook Bridge Tour which included three covered bridges (one was in the movie “Bridges of Madison County”.  We then drove past the birthplace of John Wayne and a one-room school house.  We then headed to the Madison County Historical Complex for a PIG ROAST dinner.

Saturday was the Annual Business Meeting and the banquet.

*Note:  I don’t have a complete list of attendees.

Alverson, Lee & Ruby
Baker, Willie & Audrey
Bishop, George & Lucy
Booth, Bud & Ellen
Brown, Ken & Lillie
Carrillo, Alex & Eloise
Carrillo, Monica & Johnny Adams (husband)
Ciaccio, Jim
Ciaccio, Sal
Coats, Jerry
Coats, Penny
Dike, Norman & Lyn
Goguey, Mel & Helen
Grace, Sr, Bob
Herberg, Doug
Herberg, Verne
Hill, Bob & Lola
Hoe, Robert
Hoe, Robert (Bob’s nephew)
Inman-Arnold, Carolyn
Jensen, Joan
Maurice, Richard & Judy
McHugh, Elva
Miles, Charles
Miller, Dan
Miller, Jack
Pearcy, Bill & Marge
Petersen, Jack & Beverly
Petersen, Jeff
Petersen, Jodi
Petersen, Katie
Petersen-Jones, John & Barbara
Purvis, Guy
Reynnet, Francis & Caroline
Reynnet, Kenneth
Rowe, Barbara
Rutan, Richard
Sanders, Pat
Smith, Randy
Smith, W Elsworth
Sorenson, Sam
Tanner, Allen & Mary
Terpstra, Richard
Tetlow, Marty
Warner, Dean & Billi
Warner, John & Wife
Waters, John & Fran
Westphal, Bruce & Marilyn
Whitlock, Jim
Wyatt, William

Medal Recipients
Name Rank Camps
Hanson, Buren AOM1c Chungking, Camp 2, Changsha
Jensen, Luhr (recieved by dauther Joan Jensen posthumously) CRT
Warner, John Cox
Wyatt, William H RM1c Chungking