2003 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2003 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

September 3- 6

Hosted by Jim Kelly

What a great site and so much history!  We stayed right in the heart of Philadephia at the DoubleTree Hotel.  Many of the points of interest were within walking distant.

Thursday we had a tour of the historic city, boarded the USS New Jersey and visited the New Jersey Aquarium.  Lunch was at Will & Duffy’s Philly Grill where most enjoyed the famous Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich.

Friday was a free day for those to take in the sites on their own.

Saturday was the Annual Business Meeting and the banquet complete with entertain from the famous Philadelphia Mummers.

Baker, Willie & Audry
Bannier, Richard & Mathilda
Barrett, George & Doris
Bartee, Bill
Bohus, Art
Bonin, Harold
Booth, Bud & Ellen
Bowman, Nelson
Bradshaw, Conrad & Molly
Brittan, Fran
Carter, Ed & Annabeth
Ceremsak, Richard
Ciaccio, Jim
Ciaccio, Sal
Ciaccio, Steve
Clance, Sue
Clarke, Dave & Mary
Coats, Jerry & Mary
Coats, Penny
Coats, Robert
Dike, Don
Dike, Norman & Lyn
Erwin, Sylvia
Ferguson, Robert
Ferguson, Michael
Fletcher, Hans
Gats, Irene
Hill, Bob & Lola
Hoe, Robert
Howard, William D
Huntley, Lilma
Inman-Arnold, Carolyn
Magann, Ed
McAfee-Barbieri, Judy
Miles, Charles
Miller, Bill & Sissy
Miller, Dan
Miller, Jack
Millerin, Howare & Pearl
Nelson, Hazel
Nichols, Priscilla
O’Brien, Charles & Mearle
Petersen, Jack & Beverly
Petersen, Jodi
Petersen, Kayte
Petri, Richard & Frances
Reynnet, Francis & Caroline
Rutan, Richard
Sager, Bill & Elizabeth
Sanders, Pat
Scurlock, Henry
Sellers, Charles & Laura
Stoll, Robert
Tanner, Allen & Mary
Tao, Lilyan
Terpstra, Richard
Wagner, Marcel
Waters, John & Fran
Weber, Warren & Catherine
Weskamp, “Wes” & Kathryn

Banquet Guests Only
Barbieri, Pete
Kellys (8) – Jim’s Family
Kubisch, Stephanie
Magann, Dolly
Mervar, Delores
Pisarick, Sr, John
Pisarick, Jr, John
Terpstra, Vice Adm Richard & Sue
Wagner, Kathy
Wagner, Marie

Medal Recipients
Name Rank Camps
Magann, Dr Walter PhM1c
McAffe, John (received by daughter Judy Barbieri posthumously) SK2c Chungking, Calcutta, Kunming
Stoll, Robert A S1c
Wagner, Marcel Y1c