2002 Cocoa Beach, Florida

2002 Cocoa Beach, Florida

October 9-13

Hosted by Joe & Peg Fitzgerald

The festivities began on Wednesday but for those who arrived early were privileged to witness the liftoff of the Space Shuttle Atlantis from the Kennedy Space Center at 3:45 EST from our hotel room.  What a thrill that was!  The beach was beautiful and some enjoyed the casino ships.Thursday we ventured to the Kennedy Space Center for a day of “space exploration”.

Friday we set sail on a Paddle Wheel Riverboat – The Cocoa Belle – for a 3 hr cruise which included a hot buffet lunch.

Saturday was the Annual Business Meeting and the banquet.

Baker, Willie & Audrey
Bannier, Richard & Mathilda
Barrett, George & Doris
Bartee, Bill
Bohus, Art
Bonin, Harold
Booth, Bud & Ellen
Chu, Steve & Linda
Ciaccio, Jim
Ciaccio, Sal
Clance, Sue
Coats, Jerry & Mary
Coats, Penny
Coats, Robert
Devlin, Frank
Dike, Norman & Lyn
Erwin, Sylvia
Felmly, Doc & Peg
Ferguson, Robert
Ferguson, Michael
Fiduk, Stephen
Fitzgerald, Joe & Peg
Gats, Irene
Gilroy, Slim
Goodson, Wayne & Joyce
Grace, Sr, Bob & Betty Lou
Griffin, John & Joyce
Hall, Bill & Bobbie
Harrison, Alexander
Hill, Bob & Lola
Hill, Randy
Hoe, Robert & Helen
Howard, William D
Howell, Branson “Tex”
Howell, Phyllis
Inman-Arnold, Carolyn
Jacob, Peg
Kelly, Jim
Knight, Jeanine
McDonough, Jennie
Maurice, Richard
Miles, Charles
Miller, Bill & Sissy
Miller, Jack
Moore, Rog & Edie
Murphy, Jackie
Murphy, Kathi
Nelson, James
Nichols, Priscilla
O’Brien, Charles & Mearle
Petersen, Jack & Beverly
Petersen, Jeff
Petersen, Jodi
Petersen, Kayte
Petri, Richard & Frances
Reynnet, Dairus
Reynnet, Francis & Caroline
Rutan, Erma
Rutan, Richard
Scurlock, Henry
Sellers, Charles & Laura
Sinks, Bob
Stoddard, Walt
Tanner, Allen & Mary
Tao, Lilyan
Terpstra, Richard
Tether, Charles & Ivaloe
Tether, Chip
Thomas, Bob
Tressler, Guy & Rosemary
Warner, Dean & Billi
Waters, John & Fran
Weskamp, “Wes” & Kathryn
Wheeler, James & Mary Lee
Wheeler, Michael
Whitlock, F J

Banquet Guests Only
Altenes, Chris
Russell, Sandra

Medal Recipients
Name Rank Camps
Chu, Stephen
Groepler, M William BM2c
Huber, Donald RM1c
Nelson, James T LCdr
Wheeler, James CAGM