1995 Seattle, Washington

1995 Seattle, Washington

July 11-16

Hosted by Bill and Sissy Miller

Assisted by Lee and Ruby Alverson and Ed and Jean Doyle

The festivities began on Wednesday evening with a boat ride to Kiana Lodge.

Two tours choices for Thursday were a city tour or a Boeing Plant tour.  The city tour included the waterfront, Pioneer Square/Kingdome International Dist., Lake Washington/Arboretum, Univ of WA, Government Locks/Salmon Ladders, Pike Place Framers Market and lunch at the Space Needle.  The Boeing tour was a guided tour of the plant followed by lunch at the Everett Golf and Country Club.

Friday also gave two choices for tours, the Northwest Trek Wildlife Park and a bus tour to Mount Ranier.

Saturday was the Annual Business Meeting and the banquet.


Medal Recipients
Name Rank Camps
Bell, Robert James GM2c
Chung, Warren RM1c
Coulson, Kinsell
Dess, James ENS
Hornberger, Robert
Kerns, Paul GM1c
Lillig, Arthur Ltjg
Lynch, Willard S Y1c
O’Brien, Charles S2c
Olson, OJ CRT
Petri, Richard Ltjg SC
Robinson, Charles Ltjg
Schafer, Louis ENS
Snyder, David CRM
Warner, Dean RM1c