1994 Rapid City, South Dakota

1994 Rapid City, South Dakota

May 25-28

Hosted by Davie and Dorie Clarke

Wednesday began with some folks playing golf.  The afternoon continued with a tour of the local area.

Thursday the bus departed for Fort Meade, an old cavalry post and Bear Butte State Park near Sturgis.  Then to the High Plains Heritage Center near Spearfish and lunch.  The afternoon was spent in Lead where the winter scenes for Dances with Wolves were filmed.  Later some tried their luck at gambling in Deadwood followed by a buffet dinner.

Friday was another full day with a trip to Mount Rushmore and the carving site of Chief Crazy Horse.  Lunch was at The Fort, a pioneer restaurant and saddle sore saloon.  In the afternoon was a scenic drive through the Black Hills and on the a wild game chuck-wagon dinner at the Blue Bell Lodge.

Saturday was the Annual Business Meeting and the banquet.

Avlerson, Lee & Ruby
Baker, Willie & Audrey
Bannier, Richard & Mathilda
Barrett, George & Doris
Bartee, Bill
Bohus, Art & Marilouise
Bonin, Harold
Bonin, Pricilla
Booth, Bud & Ellen
Bradley, Joseph & Harriett
Brown, Ken & Lillie
Buckless, Frank & Evelyn
Carrillo, Alex & Eloise
Casamajor, Paul & Martha
Chu, Steve & Linda
Chung, Warren & Grace Wong
Ciaccio, Sal & Marie
Clarke, David & Dorie
Coats, Jerry & Mary
Colgrove, Earl
Cox, Ruth & Friends
Dalrymple, Vern & Gloria
Dess, Jim & Marie
Divelbiss, Carl
Dormer, Robert “Buck”
Dunlavey, Kenneth & Ann
Dunn, James C
Ediss, “Doc” & Janie Fisher
Erwin, Sylvia “moe”
Estes, Jim & Doug Gordon
Felmly, Lloyd “Doc” & Peg
Fintak, Leonard & Dolores
Fleming, Andy
Fletcher, Leo & Ruth
Gats, Irene
Gilroy, Lillian “Slim”
Gromala, Matt
Hankins, Ralph & Ann
Harabin, George & Lorraine
Hatterman, Wayne & Fanny
Hill, Bob & Lola
Hornberger, Bob
Horning, Lorne & Pearl
Inman, Willard
James, William C
Karas, Larry & Geogia
Kelly, Jim
Klos, John N
Lyall, Robert
McMullan, Lloyd H
Miller, Jack & Ann
Miller, Robert & Mona
Miller, William M
Mishler, Craig & Audrey
Morgan, Jon & Mary Lou
Mullen, Ralph & “Ro”
Mullen, Ralph & Roe
Murphy, Jim & Jackie
Nelson, Bernard & Hazel
Nelson, Norm & Jean
Nichols, Victor
O’Brien, Charlie & Mearle
Olander, Melba
Petersen, Jack & Bev
Prather, Fred & Candy
Rebert, Burnell & Mary Helen
Reynnet, Francis & Caroline
Robinson, Charles “Bobby”
Rolak, Chet & Lillian
Rutan, Erma
Rutan, Richard
Sager, Bill & Elizabeth
Sellers, Charlie & Laura
Smoley, John & Jeannine
Spigelmire, Marcella
Springer, V Aldon
Tao, Frank & Lilyan
Terpstra, Dick & Marti
Tressler, Don & Helen
Tressler, Guy & Rosemary
Ulaneck, Julius & Helen
Water, John C & Fran
Weber, Robert & Wife
Weskamp, “Wes” & Kathryn
Whitlock, Jim
Wilding, Art & Glenna
Zucks, “Duke” & Dottie