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Year of Death

Owens, William Plass Lieutenant Junior Grade 1985
Paglia, Bruno A, Jr Master Sergeant 1974
Painter, Wilfred L Captain
Paladino, George A Lieutenant Dental Corp 1979
Palmer, Herbert George Lieutenant 1998
Palmer, Edward A Chief Specialist, Shore Patrol and Security
Parker, Travis J, Jr Lieutenant Junior Grade 2000
Parker, Robert V "Ace" Chief Yeoman 2003
Parks, Clarence E Machinist's Mate 2nd Class
Parrick, Carl R Chief Yeoman 2013
Parsons, Alfred W Radioman 2nd Class 2009
Patterson, Vincent A Platoon Sergeant 1983
Paulsen, Clarke A Storekeeper 3rd Class 1975
Payne, George W Lieutenant Supply Corp 1985
Payne, James A Lieutenant Junior Grade 2004
Peacock, William Jerome Disbursing Storekeeper 2nd Class
Pease, Clifford D Chief Pharmacist's Mate 1997
Peden, Ralph E Motor Machinist's Mate 2nd Class 2008
Pederson, Calvin Ernest Lieutenant 1996
Penn, Edmond C Chief Motor Machinst's Mate 1998
Pepper, Daniel Gilbert, Jr Chief Electrician's Mate 2000
Perry, Robert T Chief Storekeeper 2003
Petersen, Vaughn D Chief Radioman 1985
Petersen, Jack Melvin Radioman 2nd Class, 3/44-5/45, Calcutta, Chungking 2021
Petosky, Sigmund J Motor Machinist's Mate 3rd Class 2010
Petri, Richard Louis Lieutenant Junior Grade Supply Corp 2005
Phelan, Dennis Joseph, Jr Ensign
Phillips, Thomas Grant, Jr Photographer's Mate 1st Class 1987
Phipps, Robert Preston Lieutenant Junior Grade 2006
Pike, John W Chief Radioman 2001
Pitcher, Duane N Motor Machinist's Mate 2nd Class 1993
Pittman, Stewart L Second Lieutenant 2013
Plake, Frank Marvin Lieutenant Commander 2001
Pollitt, Walter L Boatswain's Mate 2nd Class 1974
Pomahac, Earl William Yeoman 1st Class 2000
Porter, Edward E First Lieutenant 2011
Porter, Paul W Disbursing Storekeeper 2nd Class 1994
Potvin, Edgar H Captain
Powley, Joseph H 2004
Prather, Frederick H Lieutenant 2011
Pratt, Alfred C Storekeeper 1st Class 1990
Prescott, Robert Brackett Captain 2000
Pridgen, William F Gunner's Mate 1st Class 1974
Prince, David M Lieutenant Junior Grade 1997
Purvis, Guy Scouts and Raiders 2016
Puvogel, J F Chief Specialist, Animal Handler 1978
Quesenberry, John M Chief Radioman 2001
Quinlan, Thomas F Lieutenant 1996
Radmer, Elmer C Gunnery Sergeant
Raichle, Joe L Lieutenant Commander