Loyal Patriotic Army Headquarters



The headquarters of the LPA was located at Ho Chiao [lat. 30-07, long. 119-14].  Attached to the LPA were two sabotage units: the Shanghai-Soochow-Kashing Sabotage Unit and the Shanghai-Hanking Sabotage Unit.  These units had been equipped by SACO.  Although the operations of the LPA had been hampered by the presence of Chinese Communists in that area, against whom there had been sporadic encounters, the LPA had turned in a very satisfactory account.  In many actions, American personnel participated as observers or as actual combatants.  Most of these actions were along the Huachow-Kinhwa Railroad in the vicinity of Chu Chi [lat. 29-44, long. 120-13].  For his creditable performance, one of the Marine officers working with the LPA was recommended for the Silver Star.  The following is an excerpt from the report on his action; “Forty pounds of plastic and a pressure device was planted 400 yards from the Jap garrison at Anhwa [lat. 29-34, long. 120-06] Station, and at 2230, November 26, a locomotive and two carriages were derailed and damaged, reportedly killing eight and injuring 20 Japs.”

On June 5, 13 Americans departed this camp to join and operate with the LPA in the Tien Tai [lat. 29-10, long. 121-02] area against the Japs evacuating toward Ning Po from Wenchow.


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