Summary of the locations of Camp 101 – Nazira



  • Camp 101 began September, 1942 at Nazira [lat. 26-55, long. 94-44], Assam, India

In late September, 1942, Major Carl Eifler, leader of Army “Detachment 101″ took up residence in a tea plantation at Nazira [lat. 26-55, long. 94-44], Assam, India. Nazira was 50 miles east-northeast of Jorhat.

In late November, 1942, Major Eifler was assigned to then-CAPT Miles on detached service. Eifler’s facility became known as Camp 101.

The plan was for Detachment 101, or “Unit 101,” to be an intelligence and scout service and operate in Burma along similar lines as SACO was following in China.

Major Eifler was relieved by the Army after one year. Camp 101 continued operating for the duration of WWII.

Unit 101 continued to do well under the officers Eifler had trained. They turned in fine intelligence throughout the Burma Campaign and, in addition, accounted for more Japanese than Merrill’s better-publicized Marauders. Carl Eifler is the one who deserves the credit but I am proud to have had them, for a time, under my command. (Miles, 1967, p177)

Cited reference: 
Miles, M. E., 1967, A Different Kind of War: Doubleday & Co, Garden City, NY. 629 p.

Provided courtesy of Charles H. Miles on November 20, 2010


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